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The Best Home-Buying Company!

The Best Home Buying Company In Maryland

A Bold Statement that we Prove with Every Offer We Make!

Trusted Home Buyers loves to change lives while changing neighborhoods. That’s why we are so passionate about fixing and selling houses. It also explains why we offer the most we can up front, hassle free.

Because we renovate more houses than almost anyone else in the area our costs are the lowest. With lower costs, we can offer more for each house we buy. This simple model puts more money in the pockets of the people we buy from. Better business for everyone makes us the Best Choice.

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Maryland Probate

A message from our Owner:

In 2007, my beautiful wife of 25 years was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s. Her regal and incredible journey has changed my family and myself forever. In the process, I have met so many families that are also transitioning their family members into their next stage of life. Many have told me the horror stories of being taken advantage of when selling their real estate or the extreme difficulty of fixing or cleaning out the home. It is my personal promise that my select team will treat each person with care and take away a very difficult process allowing families to do the important things during this transition.

We Save and You Get More Cash!

Notice that even different style houses all have similar finishes. Keeping our designs similar and buying quantities of the same finishes keeps our costs way down.

Our rehab teams work on every house. Being familiar with our design makes them efficient.

ALL these COST Savings means one thing. We can pay more for your house. Fill out our simple form and put us to the test. Our hassle-free team will start immediately getting a no obligation, no risk offer to you.

100% Free

Best Home Buying Company for a Reason

Don’t waste your time with empty promises from companies that don’t even visit your house. Trusted Home Buyers has been in business since 2008 and is one of the most established Home Buying companies in Florida.

Our Offers are detailed and we won’t waste your time or let you down.

We Are BBB Accredited

It’s not difficult to see that we are a serious, legitimate company. Now that’s not to say that we aren’t easy to work with. We are because we all love what we do. Everyone in this company is full of Energy and Enthusiasm. You won’t meet a better team of professionals that can’t wait to get started and help.

    A Welcome Letter thanking you for the opportunity.

    Your Tax Record to make sure we have ALL the updated Information on your property.

    Comparative Properties to show you what your properties worth.

    Our All Cash, As-Is Offer.

    Testimonials from Floridians that have worked with our company.

    Financial Proof that we can buy your property.

ANY Means ANY. Reach out and we will do everything possible to give you an Offer Quickly and One That Make Sense. Fast, Reliable, Honest, and Caring. You will see the difference immediately.

Distressed Properties 

Inherited Houses

Family Illness

Loss of Parent

No Repairs

We Do All the Clean-Up

Distressed Property

Many people find that a property has been neglected for a long time for many reasons. These properties present a very different type of sales strategy. THB specializes in these properties. Let us make you an All Cash offer quickly and buy your House in As-Is Condition.

Inherited a Home

If you have inherited a home from a family member that has passed away and is in less than sellable likely will want to sell the property quickly. Let us make you an All Cash offer quickly and buy your House in As-Is Condition.


We can help you through the difficult time of working with your spouse and getting your home sold quickly so you can move on with your life.

Family or Friend Becoming Ill

Loss of income due to becoming ill or not able to work can be a stressful time. Needing money to pay medical bills or to move into a care facility can be crippling. We can help quickly and get you the cash you need. We will make you an All Cash offer quickly and buy your House in As-Is Condition.

We can handle any situation to sell your Maryland house

Downsizing or Moving into Independent or Assisted Living

When we or someone we love faces the daunting task of moving onto the next chapter of life it can be overwhelming. Let us handle as much as you need. Along with the real estate, we can help with moving and all your personal property if needed. We have vast resources to help our seniors.

Does this sound too good to be true?

When so many people in Florida have taken their time to reach out to me and tell me about my amazing team and how much effort they put into every situation, I have the confidence to put out these promises. When you contact us, you will see a difference Immediately.

Trusted Homebuyers was started on the promise that we could help EVERY seller through EVERY situation. We use our own money, so we don’t need approvals from lenders to buy the houses we make offers on.

If our offer isn’t in the seller’s best interest, we have more options to get the most money for your property than any other company in Florida. We won’t stop until you have the cash you want for your property. Our creative solutions will make you a fan like so many other Floridians.

Fair offer to sell your Maryland Home

Thank you for the Trust, We will not let you down!

“I personally promise that you will be treated the way I want to be treated by everyone in the company. Honesty, Respect, Compassionate, and Professional leading to a fair offer.